Microsoft Flight Beta Registration Opens – Sign Up Now!

Microsoft has long been the king of the airplane and flight simulation. Some would call it a game, but those who live and breathe Flight Simulator would probably have a few things to say about that, so we’ll just stick to calling it a simulator for the sake of not getting a few thousand angry emails!

MS Flight

Flight Simulator has been on the back burner a little for Microsoft of late, but the new version of the every popular game, sorry, simulator will be available at some point and Microsoft has been showing off their progress on the Microsoft Flight website. Did we mention that the simulator has received a name change in the interest of making it appear ‘cooler’ to a potential new audience? No we didn’t, because it’s silly. Moving along…

As Microsoft is want to do these days though, they are opening the beta of Flight up to anyone that wants in, so long as you sort out the required forms here. If you’re a Flight simulator fan then this is no doubt great news, especially if you’re itching to get your hands on the latest and greatest version of the sim.

If you are going to put your name in the hat to get in on the Flight beta, then you’ll need to go through Microsoft’s usual level if form-filling and signing your life away. We’re willing to bet there is something in there about handing your first born over like there is in the Xbox 360 dashboard update betas, but we’re sure it’s worth it in the long run.

Now we at Redmond Pie must confess to not being the biggest Flight Simulator fans, but with the game (we did it again!) often showing off some serious graphical prowess, we’re looking forward to seeing the thing in action on real machines. We like a spot of eye candy here, and Flight will no doubt provide it in spades.

We’ll keep an eye on developments, and if you’re going to sign up for that beta, we hope you enjoy it. We can’t help but think we’re probably not clever enough to do it justice ourselves!

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