Meet The World’s Largest And Most Expensive iPhone Case [PHOTOS]

With extravagant casinos and expensive supercars, Las Vegas is known for its larger-than-life scale of things. Since we’re a technology blog, we can’t cover both, but we can cover things like, well, the world’s largest and most expensive iPhone case.


The discovery of the unbelievably large and expensive case comes from our friends over at iDownloadBlog who found the case on display at a shopping mall called Miracle Miles Shops in Las Vegas, Nevada. The case is made up of over 300 crystals and can be bought for a whopping $40,000 if you want to display it at your mansion.


From iDB:

While in Vegas, you can find some pretty interesting things, and this is definitely one of them. This is the World’s Biggest and Most Expensive iPhone Case.

This was on display at the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas, Nevada. This case is made out of 300+ Swarovski Crystals, and it retails for $40,000…

Obviously, the case is too big to fit on your iPhone 4, but you actually can buy Swarovski Crystal cases here.

As you can probably tell, the case wouldn’t exactly be a perfect fit for your average iPhone. However, if you are interested in crystal cases for your smartphone, they are actually available if you’ve got a few Benjamins burning a hole in your pocket.

Here is the front side of the case:


The homescreen is a bit of a bad photoshop. Icons for the, and aren’t exactly like the real thing and there is an iTeleport app randomly placed on the main page.

There is also 4G written in the status bar – something which no Apple device supports at the moment, and probably won’t until we see the next iPhone, that is. With the strong rumors surrounding the debut of the next-generation iPhone, the Miracle Mile Shops guys have contacts with the folks over at AppleInsider who reported that a 4G-ready iPhone is coming to China Mobile in the future. Maybe that’s why they put the 4G on the homescreen.

If you’d like to see the case for yourself, you may find it inside Miracle Mile Shops on The Strip, Las Vegas. And if you’re planning to buy one, I hope you still have in mind that it won’t fit your iPhone, and neither your pocket.

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