Meet The Windows Phone 8 Powered Surface Phone Concept, The Smartphone Which Microsoft Should Make [IMAGE]

For those technology loving fans around the world who may have had their heads buried under a rock in the last week, or been located somewhere that is detached from the world wide web then it may come as a shock to learn that Microsoft recently lifted the covers on a pretty sweet looking tablet, named the Microsoft Surface. Powered by Windows 8, the Surface looks like it will be a serious contender in the tablet space when released but somehow I don’t think Apple are panicking just yet.

Surface Phone

So we had the official announcement of the Surface tablet, but is Microsoft planning a similar product announcement for their Windows Phone 8 powered Surface smartphone? Well, no, actually they aren’t, although I for one would be extremely intrigued to see what the designers over at Redmond would come up with, especially if it matched the elegance and sophistication of the announced tablet. As technology and smartphone fans, we are used to seeing designers knocking up concepts for what they believe the next-generation iPhone will look like, but the Surface tablet revealing as generated so much interest that a DeviantArt member has turned his attention to a Windows Phone 8 smartphone mockup.

The designer himself, known in the design community as YrOnimus, admits that he isn’t really to concerned with any possible specifications of what he calls the Surface Phone, instead choosing to concentrate on the elegant visuals and almost clinically cut straight lines of the outer body. For those who concern themselves with the internals, he imagines a possible quad-core processor with a whopping 2GB of RAM, coming with either a 32GB or 64GB internal storage option. The back of the device would feature a 16-megapixel camera capable of full high-definition video recording that is viewable on the beautiful 1280×768 resolution display.


The real substance is in the actual external beauty of the concept though. The Windows Phone 8 Metro styling looks delectable on the display with the outer body screaming elegance and luxury. It also amazes me why design teams at the large manufacturers don’t take notice when concepts like these are produced, as I for one would definitely salivate over a Windows Phone device that looked like this. To see the concept Windows Phone 8 Surface Phone in high quality, head on over to the designer’s DeviantArt site.

(via WMPowerUser)

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