LockTemp Is A Superb Temperature Indicator For Your Windows Phone 8 Lock Screen

For Windows Phone users, perhaps the most useful feature you can think of is not the temperature indicator within the Weather app, or where it is displayed. However, sometimes checking the current temperature in your town before heading out might just save you the time of going back indoors and pick a different jacket. LockTemp adds a small temperature indicator straight to the bottom-right corner of your lock screen.

There are other programs that add temperature and weather indicators, yet they take way too much space on the screen, crowding out more relevant information such as stocks and calendar events. LockTemp simply adds a subtle indicator, giving the current temperature the prominence it deserves: useful to know, but not of overwhelming importance. In order to do this, LockTemp uses Windows Phone 8’s notifications feature, constantly sending out notifications that indicate your town’s current temperature.


LockTemp only includes a basic customization feature: the option whether to display current temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Due to the nature of the app, users have to grant it permission to constantly grab the phone’s location (in order to look up temperatures for where the user is currently located). Other than this, it is a “set-and-forget” app, requiring no further configuration or fiddling with. Install and enjoy!


There is an unlimited, full-featured trial version of LockTemp available from Windows Phone’s Apps+Games Store: this is the full-fledged product, despite being labeled as a “trial”. Those who wish to support the developer are encouraged to purchase the full app for a mere $0.99, in order to keep future development alive. Just as a word of caution, however, there have been complaints from some users that this app does not function correctly on the newest Nokia Lumia phones: before going ahead with the purchase, we encourage you to download the trial version in order to ensure that it works with your device.


Minor bugs aside, LockTemp works perfectly, and will make sure that you can visualize your news and calendar events alongside your town’s current temperature. Undoubtedly, this is one of my 2013 resolutions finally fulfilled.

(Source: LockTemp for Windows Phone on Windows Phone Store)

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