The Translucent Mod Kit For iPhone 5 Reveals Your Device’s Innards [VIDEO]

It’s always intriguing to see how the look, feel, and function of some of our treasured gadgets can be vastly manipulated when a bit of nous and creativity is applied. Apple’s iPhone is amongst the trickiest to modify with respect to both hardware and software, but no challenge is unsurmountable, it would appear, for the rampant iPhone5mod team. Last week, the Chinese company came through with the quirky magnetic case, which trebled up as a gaming controller and a keyboard for the iPhone 5, and today, the outfit famed for its iPhone conversion kits has outdone itself once more with the Translucent Mod Kit.

It offers iPhone 5 owners the tools and the means to turn a bland black or white iPhone into a translucent geek machine, allowing one to view all of a device’s meticulously-arranged innards from the back and side angle views. Personally, I think it’s spectacular, and reminds me of various special edition consoles of years passed, which too offer a glimpse of all that gorgeous hardware.

iPhone 5 Mod Translucent

The Translucent Mod Kit will set you back $39.90, but it arrives in a variety of tints for added selection. You can mix-and-match different sections to gain something of a multi-colored look, but if you’ve seen the video below, you probably have well put off the idea.

Nevertheless, it’s great to see a company delivering iPhone mods and actually bringing the product to market – not just concepts or ideas. Too often, we see mods showcased for purpose of vanity, but in iPhone5mod’s case, we have a company in the business of delivering the goods, too.

iPhone 5 Mod Translucent 2

Unfortunately, the front panel cannot be changed with this mod, so may – to some – look rather incomplete. With that said, unscrewing your iPhone 5 and changing panels is not advisable practice anyway, and with the front being the more delicate of the two faces, it’s better, safer and cheaper for iPhone5mod to stick with the back and sides.

iPhones are precious and expensive, which should go a length to explaining why we here at Redmond Pie are not going to be investing at this point in time. However, if your geeky tendencies simply cannot resist, head over to over to iPhone5mod store site!

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