LG G Flex Android Smartphone Self Healing Tech Demoed In Official Video

The smartphone industry is one contested closely, and fine margins exist between some of the market’s premier devices. Thus, each vendor looks to grab the attention of the consumer with every new model, piping on whichever innovative new feature they can dream up. Sometimes, these features are useful, but often, they equate to little more than a gimmick, serving the purpose of getting people to talk about said product.

In the case of the LG G Flex, which, as the company announced, has a case capable of repairing itself from scratches and a curved form factor that will hold its shape under pressure, we immediately placed it in the “gimmick” files. A new demo video, however, not only refutes the naysayers, but actually paints the G Flex as a bit of an enigma; it seems to repair scratches as if by magic, and even under huge weights that many of us couldn’t even lift, retains its bespoke, angled shaping.

LG G Flex2

The video begins with the rear cover being delightfully scraped with a wire brush, and for comparison, the same process is also carried out on a “conventional” shell (read: a case made especially to show up scratches). While we’re impressed by how the LG G Flex seems to exert its magical powers of repair, the light used on the two is clearly adjusted to, if you’ll pardon the pun, reflect the G Flex is a more positive light; which it does with aplomb.

But the real showstopper is in how the device lives up to its name by keeping its form factor even when very heavy weights are placed upon it. The heavy load flattens the G Flex out, but when lifted, the handset very quickly reverts back to shape.

LG has yet to reveal exactly how the scratch-proofing works, although it is reckoned by some that small amounts of resin are embedded into the material and, when scratched, simply fills the cracks.

However LG has managed to create the G Flex, we’re definitely wowed by the results, and with a display ideal for widescreen video viewing, those in search of a high-end Android device will certainly want to consider this one as the holiday season beckons.

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