Leaked: Windows 9 Virtual Desktops Feature Shown Off On Video For The First Time

A couple of days back, we saw the new and improved Start Menu from Windows 9 in action thanks to a leaked video, and today, the same German source has provided us with another leak that shows the multiple desktops / virtual desktops in Windows 9, and they look pretty slick. More details and video can be found right after the break.

Multiple desktops aren’t something new especially for OS X and Linux users, since they’ve been around in these platforms for quite some time now. However, with Windows, the concept is pretty new, and one that would find a lot of love from power users. Essentially, the Windows 9 task bar contains an icon that allows creating of virtual workspaces, or desktops if you’re a hardcore Windows user. You may create (and delete) as many virtual desktops as you like, and the same icon will be used to access all of them as well as the programs that are contained within.


What’s interesting to note here is that the look and feel of these virtual workspaces are pretty similar to OS X’s implementation of the feature, and hence, for that reason, they seem to be working pretty decently.

Virtual workspaces are a great way to manage to different kinds of workflows on a single machine. For instance, you might use one desktop for your home usage, and another for work. Likewise, for people that work with projects, multiple desktops make it easier to manage all of them in separate, isolated environments. Long time Windows power users will definitely appreciate this feature.

It’s noteworthy that the build of Windows 9 being demoed in this video is still pretty early, and hence, it’s likely that the final build can differ significantly in look and feel. That being said, for a feature that looks to be working just fine as it is, it’d be a shame if Microsoft changes anything, unless it’s for the better.

We’ll get you more news regarding Windows 9 in the coming days and weeks, meanwhile check out the video below and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on it in the comments section underneath.

(Source: WinFuture [Google Translate])

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