Kodi Addon Phoenix Discontinued After ZemTV, TVAddons Lawsuit

Getting error when accessing Kodi addon Phoenix? It’s because it is now gone after ZemTV, TVAddons lawsuit. Here are the details on it.

Kodi has been very high profile of late, with stories popping up in the media week in, week out thanks to the ongoing legal situation that surround the possible uses for Kodi and machines that it is installed on. Over the past week or so, there have been a considerable number of headlines cropping up in which some prominent Kodi add-ons have been discontinued, and it would seem the reasons for that are simple – legal pressure.

On Monday, it became known that third-party Kodi add-on ZemTV and the TVAddons library were being sued in a federal court in Texas. The complaint was filed by satellite and broadcast TV provider Dish Network, with both of the accused in the dock for copyright infringement, and with a potential fine of up to $150,000 for each offense. That’s bad news for them, and bad news for other add-on makers, too.

It is believed that this lawsuit is the reason other add-ons are being pulled, with developers wary of the cost not only of potential fines, but also the legal fees associated with defending a case. Phoenix is one such add-on to fall by the wayside.

“In light of current events we have decided to close down Phoenix. This is not something that was easy for us to do; we have all formed a bond that cannot be broken as a team and have a HUGE support base that we are thankful of,” Phoenix developer Cosmix writes.

Other prominent developers have also followed the same path, removing their work from the community and stating that the current situation is the reason. It stands to reason that the situation they speak of is the one that could see large fines slapped on add-on makers in Texas.

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