Keep Your Magic Trackpad Juiced Up Wirelessly With The Power Bar, Batteries Are No Longer Needed

Apple’s Magic Trackpad is a loathe it or love it kinda thing. While some just can’t live without its free-scrolling, flicking and pointing abilities, some see it as a step down from the traditional mouse. Something that should be consigned to laptops, if you will.

For those that really get a kick out of using the Magic Trackpad, the only downside is the same one that befalls all of Apple’s Bluetooth devices – it likes to eat batteries.

While Apple all but admitted as much by releasing its own battery charger and replaceable batteries, it’s safe to say that there has to be a more elegant solution, one that just seems a little more in keeping with the Apple aesthetic that so many of us have wholeheartedly subscribed to.

Well it turns out there is, and it’s called The Power Bar.

Made by Mobee Technology, The Power Bar is, at its heart, a big rechargeable battery, but without the fiddly charging station and the messing around that it entails.

The Mobee Power Bar follows our successful launches of the Magic Charger for Apple’s Magic Mouse, the Magic Bar for Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and the Magic Numpad, a set of films and software that convert the Apple Magic Trackpad into a powerful Numpad.

The Power Bar works just like a set of batteries, and is installed in exactly the same way. The difference is the protrusion at one end, which will act as a charging port. This means that the whole thing can be charged whilst in-situ, meaning that you never need be without your Magic Trackpad again. Well, at least due to power related problems, that is.

If you want to get your little mitts on The Power Bar then you’ll need to hand over €29.90 (around $39) for the privilege, which when you think about price of replaceable batteries really isn’t that expensive at all.

The box includes The Power Bar, along with a micro-USB cable which can be used to charge the device – plugging this thing into the computer that you are using basically means it will never need charging, which is a bonus.

If you’re a Magic Trackpad user, then The Power Bar is probably something that is worth at least checking out.

That is, unless you have shares in Duracell!

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