Just How Thin The iPad 2 Is Going To Be? Really Really Thin !

Now we finally have a date for what we all assume will be the iPad 2 announcement, we won’t have to wait much longer until we get to see the new model in all its glory. Until then though, feast your eyes on these new mockups courtesy of 9to5Mac.

iPad 2

Originally from a Japanese blog, the photos show a mockup of what appears to be a next-generation iPad 2, complete with the new speaker grill. Another stand-out design feature is the new chassis, which is noticeably thinner than the model we’re all using right now. Has Apple found a way to make the already svelte iPad even thinner, and presumably lighter as well?

iPad 2

According to a (badly) translated quote from the Japanese site, the mockup comes from Shenzhen:

Our monthly meeting of the parts procurement and manufacturing of original products repair, go to Shenzhen in the case or buying accessories. This city has a variety of products and components are distributed in the city say the head temple of PCs and mobile phones.In some cases manufacturing plant next to the city in December 2010 iPad (iPad 2) model (a simple reproduction of original size) seen.In some cases the factory since then have seen a product called iPad2 case.

It’s getting closer folks, only a few more days until we find out just how accurate this mockup is! If it turns out to be accurate, we at Redmond Pie are all for a thinner design – but here’s hoping Apple’s next iPad doesn’t lose that premium feel of it’s predecessor.

iPad 2

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