Judge Rejects Samsung’s Appeal, Sales Ban On Galaxy Nexus Stays

If you’ve been following the patent war between Apple and Samsung closely, then you must be aware of the fact that a certain Cupertino based company is doing the best it can to scrape every Galaxy device off the shelf in the U.S., and fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which side of the fence you belong to, it is getting really lucky lately.

Having recently lost a case against Apple, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 lineup saw a complete ban in the U.S., the appeal to lift the ban was also rejected.

Moving forward, Apple again came out victorious in another patent spat against Samsung in which the targeted device was the Galaxy Nexus. This resulted in sales of said device being banned in the U.S.

Samsung filed an appeal to uplift the ban until a more fair fight was brought into the courtroom and a more viable solution was reached. But now, according to Reuters, the same District Judge – Lucy Koh – which placed the ban in the first place for both the aforementioned devices, has denied Samsung’s appeal which means the ban on Galaxy Nexus sales in the United States stays.

The court has also ordered Apple to post a bond with a value of $95 million dollars for safekeeping, in case the whole trial takes a complete u-turn in the future. The main purpose of the bond is to pay off damages which might’ve incurred during the period of halted sales for Samsung.

Personally, I’ve used pretty much every smartphone Samsung has pushed out in their Galaxy line-up, and currently I am using both an iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus, but I have to say that the element of “copy” does indeed exist, in some places at least.

Taking into account the fact that the Galaxy Nexus is Google’s flagship device for the newly announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, Apple has really slapped Samsung hard by winning this injunction.

I am mostly neutral towards both the companies in this whole patent drama, but I strongly believe that they are taking this a little too far, and ultimately it’s the consumer who is getting the boot real bad.

Lets just hope this ends, and ends real soon, once and for all.

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