James Bond Style Antitheft Alarm App for Your iPhone

iPhone is one of those expensive gadgets that a user is compelled to carry all the time. Hence there is always going to be a risk of it being stolen. So there must be some sort of antitheft protection for iPhone and iPod touch users to save their precious devices for tempted thieves. Thanks to FLAG Solutions Thief Buster Antitheft Alarm app which comes to the rescue by providing first real anti-theft software for iPhone, complete with biometric finger-coding, motion detection, proximity sensor and volume blocking.

Thief Buster Antitheft Alarm

Want foolproof protection for your iPhone? Sure you do and you’ve found perfect iPhone security right here in THIEF BUSTER. No one’s going to mess with your device now because this app has the volume blocking and auto restart capabilities that help keep thieves from making off with your valuable property.

The app works on the principle of something called biometric finger-coding incorporated into the security features of Thief Buster app. The user is required to touch their fingertips on the screen to set their passcode initially. After that, touching the screen in the preset sequence arms deactivates the alarm. There are fingerprint areas on the screen to guide the user, which may actually deceive or fool a potential robber into thinking that it is their prints stored on the device.

Some of the features of Thief Buster Antitheft Alarm includes:
* Anti-Pocket Picker Mode
* Bag Defender Mode
* Don’t Touch My iPhone Mode (only feature useable on iPod Touch 2nd & 3rd generation)
* Home button makes the app restart
* Motion activated and proximity sensor activated (iPhone only)
* Multi-touch fingercode
* Volume always at maximum when alarm sounds; can’t be turned down or off unless you disarm it
* High quality visuals
* Demo videos

Here is a video showing Anti-pocket Mode:

The level of security that Thief Buster Antitheft Alarm app provides may generate a feeling that it will be pretty complicated for the end user to use. But after trying it out myself, I can tell you that it is not. If a person does get stuck though, the app includes tutorial and demonstration videos that clarify operation of the features. Thief Buster Antitheft Alarm has everything an iPhone owner could hope for and even more to save their iPhone tempted thieves.

Thief Buster Antitheft Alarm is available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99 (USD).

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