iPhone Vs Android Debate Goes Awry, Ends Up With Two Men Stabbing Each Other

In a gruesome turn of events, two roommates in Tulsa, Oklahoma ended up stabbing each other with broken beer bottles after an iPhone vs. Android debate broke out between the duo.

Fanboyism has literally reached new extremes with the surfacing of this news, as the Tulsa station KTUL reported: “Tulsa police say a woman found a man covered in blood, stumbling around the parking lot of the Evergreen Apartments around 1 a.m.”. The fact that the two people had injured each other with broken bottles of beer suggests that the argument or debate broke out while both were drunk.


“When police arrived at the apartment complex, they learned that the roommates had been drinking and arguing over their mobile phones.” Apparently, once the argument heated up, beer bottles got broken for some free-style battle, and one man got smashed with a bottle on the back of his head. While both men are being treated for injuries, it remains unclear if the ego-charged assault will have the two file charges against each other, or whether the police will be charging the two.

We’ve seen these platform and device duels go pretty nasty in many places, and it’s easy to see how passionate some of the audience is compared to the other while debating on such subjects. It’s easier said that every platform has its advantages that suits certain audience, but it’s these different groups that feed off each other’s passion – well some of them, at least.


There was a time where the PC vs. Mac was the highlight of consumer battles in the tech realm, however that has since been usurped by the Apple vs. Android debate, which honestly seem like forever now given how frequent these debates have become, and not just on the Web, but in our own social circle as well, be it siblings, friends, or co-workers. Most of the times these debates or arguments are just some friendly exchanges, but seldom have we seen an argument turn as ugly as this incident.

(Source: KTUL)

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