Galaxy S6 Has A New Problem: Scratched Camera Lens Cover, Chipping Paint

Samsung Galaxy S6 woes continue to build up. Apparently, Samsung’s front-runner has a serious quality issue concerned with the paintjob around the camera ring, where it is seemingly peeling off pretty easily, while the LED glass panel could actually be extremely prone to scratches.

This news comes in from – Google Translate – which has released a video showing how the Galaxy S6 Edge in their possession was at best suffering from a lack of quality paint job around the camera ring. The ring is metal, but Samsung decided to give it a coat of paint that matches the phone’s color, giving a more blended and flushed look.

Galaxy S6 main

Earlier, the Galaxy Note 4 suffered from the same issue as well, with paint around its aluminum frame coming off pretty easily once chipped. In fact, the Galaxy S6 Edge’s paint job around the camera easily comes off after it comes into contact with a surface, but as the video reveals, once the paint is chipped, you can simply run your finger around the ring to scratch off more of it.

Well, that’s not all it seems; according to CultofAndroid, they have had a similar experience as well with the camera ring’s paint scratching pretty easily. However, to be honest, I don’t believe constant surface contact of the ring would yield a result any different than this, but then again, in their effort to deliver some eye-candy, Samsung could end up with unhappy users with cosmetically worn out phones. Perhaps Samsung could have left the ring with slight polish and no coat of paint?

GalaxyS6 lens scratch

According to the website, a few days with the Galaxy S6 Edge had them looking at some serious scratch marks on the glass covering the flash and heart rate sensor. Initially it was believed that the glass had a protective cover on top that had scratched, but prying at it with a wooden toothpick not only confirmed that this was no cover but the glass itself, the wooden toothpick actually added more scratches.

All this Galaxy S6 Edge quality commotion started a few weeks back when users started reporting about receiving pre-ordered phones with severely scratched displays and cases, coming in from T-Mobile.

Are you facing similar issues with your Galaxy S6 device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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