iPhone Least Likely Smartphone To Need Repairs, Most Likely To Be Stolen

The Apple iPhone regularly tops the charts when it comes to overall customer satisfaction, and the desirability factor of the Cupertino’s prized asset is showing no signs of wearing down. A new piece of research by a mobile insurance firm has discovered that not only are iPhones seemingly more robust in that they’re less likely do be damaged than most competitors, but notably, are more likely to be stolen, with uncanny individuals clearly having a keener eye for the iPhone over some of the market’s other high-end handsets.

Like most Apple gadgets, the iPhone doesn’t seem to depreciate so much in value, with even older handsets like the iPhone 4s fetching hundreds of dollars second-hand on sites like eBay. Along with the fact that iPhone owners appear to be the happiest with their smartphone purchase, it’s no surprise that a disproportionately high number of mobile incidents relate to the device, and with the firm’s study study also highlighting that those wielding an iPhone are 45 percent less likely to make an accidental damage claim, it should come as little surprise that with each new release, adoption rates of the iPhone continue to increase handsomely.

Of course, when talking about accidental damage, the firm is referring to instances of dropping a device and causing a fault, excess exposure to moisture, and other user-related mishaps, so while the findings could be a testament to the ruggedness of the iPhone, it’s hard accredit the entire 45 percent squarely to the device itself.

Still, it’s probably not a coincidence that light-fingered individuals target the iPhone, mainly for reasons aforementioned. The resell value of most Apple products is always closer to the original retail sum than most other smartphones, and with iPhone arbitrage on the rise as devices like the iPhone 5s become a currency of their own in certain parts of the world, one suspects that these trends will continue for the foreseeable future.

The research found that iPhone users are a whopping 65 percent more likely to have their device go missing compared with those in ownership of a competing handset, so if you do own an iPhone, you may want to invest in some decent insurance; before it winds up as another statistic.

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(Source: WSJ)

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