iPhone 7 Durability: Scratch And Bend Test [Video]

Here’s a iPhone 7 durability video of Black (matte) model showing both scratch test and bend test to see how it stands against it.

Happy iPhone 7 release day! If you are expecting to take delivery of a beautiful new pre-ordered iPhone 7 at some point today, then congratulations. We hope you take the opportunity to use the device for its intended purpose, and not to put it through a series of durability tests like the JerryRigEverything has. Of course, it’s great to find out exactly what Apple’s new Black (matte) iPhone 7 is made of without actually having to destroy our own devices, so sit back, relax, and watch as the iPhone 7 is tested to its limits.


The iPhone display is really at the centre of everything that we do with the device. Watching, viewing and interacting with content and experiences. Launching apps via touch. Even using 3D Touch on the pressure sensitive display to invoke new menus and new interactions. So it makes perfect sense to start any durability test with the display. The display is tested in the video to see where the glass falls on Mohs scale of hardness, and as expected, like previous iPhone models, the glass begins to scratch at around level 6, meaning that general items like coins will not cause damage to the iPhone 7 display.

One of the interesting aspects of the new iPhone 7 is the new Force Touch, capacitive, non-mechanical Home button that is reportedly made of extremely scratch-resistant sapphire glass. Once again, using Mohs scale of hardness shows that the Home button is susceptible to scratching at around level 6 of the scale, meaning that JerryRigEverything has deduced that it’s likely manufactured from standard glass rather than sapphire. Still, its fairly impressive to see it withstand attempted destruction with a blade without suffering so much as a scratch.

Glass is one element that can clearly withstand some abuse, but the back of the iPhone 7 is another story altogether. In all honesty, Apple, or any other manufacturer for that matter, doesn’t build smartphones to be impervious to purposeful abuse, and that’s exactly what taking a blade to the back of the phone is. Still, it’s actually quite satisfying to see big chunks being gouged out of the brand new iPhone.

Overall, yet another solid iPhone from Apple, but you’ll need to check out the video for yourself to see if we have another bendgate situation on our hands with iPhone 7.

(source: JerryRigEverything [YouTube])

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