iPhone 6s / 6s Plus To Reportedly Feature 2GB RAM, Apple SIM

Apple’s expected 2015 refresh of the iPhone lineup could see the smartphone receive 2GB of memory as well as an Apple SIM, following in the footsteps of the iPad Air 2.

Historically, Apple has allowed technology and specifications to trickle down to the iPhone after initially debuting in the iPad the year prior. With the iPad Air 2 being the first iOS device to feature a full 2GB of memory, the tablet also features an Apple SIM which allows users to choose their own carrier without having to lock themselves into a contract at the point of purchase. That feature in particular will be a hard one to sell to carriers, especially considering they weren’t overly keen on the Apple SIM being available even in the iPad.


Usage wise though, it’s the 2GB of memory that would make the biggest long-term difference to most users of iPhones. It’s a fairly safe assumption that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will receive specification refreshes towards the end of this year and the addition of an extra gigabyte of memory could make all the difference to a device that has had a solitary gigabyte since the introduction of the iPhone 5.

More memory would allow more apps to keep running even after they were closed, meaning multitasking would be a more seamless experience. The most obvious difference that it would make would be to the way Safari works though. With multiple tabs open in Safari tending to cause the individual webpages to refresh when switched between, extra memory would allow Safari to keep those tabs in memory and as a result, reduce the number of times a refresh occurs.


The claims of extra memory and an Apple SIM making their way from the iPad Air 2 to the new iPhones comes courtesy of AppleInsider which cites a source that has proven accurate in the past. We’ll reserve judgement for now, but we would have to say that we have more faith in the iPhone gaining more memory than we have it taking the Apple SIM approach.

We’ll see how things progress from here.

(Source: AppleInsider)

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