The Best iPhone 6s, 6, Plus Wireless Charging Cases

You only need to have taken a passing interest in some of the iPhone 7 rumors to know that talk of a wireless charging solution has sprung up again. Some people believe the next flagship iPhone will feature the Qi-wireless charging technology that Android device owners now take for granted, while others think the iPhone after the next one may be the one that makes the jump by featuring a new kind of wireless charging tech that can enable charging from a distance. While we don’t know for sure which of those two camps have it right, but what we do know is you don’t need to wait to charge your iPhone wirelessly.

We’ve already shown you how to get the kit needed to add wireless charging to iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus today should you wish, but there are yet other alternatives to be considered as well. If you’re a fan of iPhone cases for example, you’re going to want to check out a plethora of cases that actually feature Qi wireless charging technology built right in.


Amongst the best recommended cases we are going to tell you about, all of them feature Qi-compatible wireless charging capabilities, although some of them come complete with charging pads while others do not. Keep that in mind when you are making your buying decision, because it may be an additional cost that you were not planning on. In case you choose to get the case without charging pad combo, you can pick a charging pad separately for under $15 bucks, such as this Upow Qi Wireless Charging Pad from Amazon which costs just $14.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look shall we?

Power Wireless iPhone Charging Receiver Case for iPhone 6s/6 ($23.95, usually $39.99)


While it is made by a company that you may have not heard of, this case has got good reviews and actually looks quite nice. It’s not overly bulky, which is something we like in a case, and connects its charging electronics to the iPhone’s Lightning port via a ribbon cable of sorts. It’s not going to break the bank, either.

Buy: Power Wireless iPhone Charging Receiver Case for iPhone 6s/6 from Amazon: $23.95 | Original price: $39.99

BELUGA iPhone 6s/6 and 6s Plus/6 Plus Wireless Charging Case ($29.99, usually $39.99)


BELUGA’s wireless charging case for the iPhone 6s/6 and iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus certainly looks the business. Slim and with a non-slip back, we are quite taken with the BELUGA.

Buy: BELUGA iPhone 6s/6 Wireless Charging Case from Amazon: $29.99 | Original price: $39.99

Buy: BELUGA iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus Wireless Charging Case from Amazon: $29.99 | Original price: $39.99

Spigen Tough Armor Volt (iPhone 6s/6) and Slim Armor Volt (iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus) ($29.99, usually $99.99)


If brand name is something that you look for in an iPhone accessory, then Spigen is about as big as it gets. With versions on offer for both iPhone sizes, the regular and the Plus, it’s just a shame that these cases are so thick. They offer more protection than some other cases here, but may not be for everyone. Your mileage may vary, though.

Buy: Spigen Tough Armor Volt (iPhone 6s/6) from Amazon: $29.99 | Original price: $99.99

Buy: Spigen Slim Armor Volt (iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus) from Amazon: $29.99 | Original price: $99.99

Antye Qi Wireless Charger Kit for iPhone 6s/6 and iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus ($28.99-$29.99, usually $99.99)


Now, this is where things get interesting, because not only is the Antye one of the best looking cases here, but it also comes complete with its own Qi-compatible charging pad. You may expect that to bump the price up, because we certainly did, but no – $30 is all you need. The reviews on Amazon look quite positive, too.

Buy: Antye Qi Wireless Charger Kit for iPhone 6s/6 from Amazon: $28.99 | Original price: $99.99

Buy: Antye Qi Wireless Charger Kit for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus from Amazon: $29.99 | Original price: $99.99

Touch Charge iPhone 6s/6 Wireless Charging Pack ($79.99, usually $149.99)


The most expensive in our list, this pack also offers a charging pad as well as an iPhone 6s/6 case but with a much steeper price. It’s arguably a nicer kit than the Antye as well, so depending on whether you’re willing to drop the extra cash, this may be a better bet, especially if you have concerns about the Antye offering being perhaps a little too cheap.

Buy: Touch Charge iPhone 6s/6 Wireless Charging Pack from Amazon: $79.99 | Original price: $149.99

That completes our top recommendation for wireless charging cases for iPhone. Get whichever fits your budget and offers whatever you need from a case whether that be protection or good looks. You can’t really have both, unfortunately.

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