iPhone 6 Gets A 7-Minute Video Review Ahead Of Apple’s Announcement On Tuesday

Tuesday’s Apple event is fast approaching, and while the world speculates on the extent of what Tim Cook and team will introduce, one thing we know for sure is that we will definitely welcome the next-generation iPhone into our lives. Leaked information pertaining to the "iPhone 6" has been coming thick and fast over the last few months, with the challenge being having the ability to filter through all of the speculation to be pull out the genuine details. As we get ever closer to the reveal, a new video has emerged online that bills itself as the first real visual review of Apple’s 4.7-inch smartphone.

The first thing that we obviously have to take into consideration here is that we actually have no empirical way of knowing if the device in the video is the real deal or not. We have yet to see any official reveal from Cupertino, meaning that we have nothing to compare the shown device against. With that said, based on the plethora of component leaks that we’ve heard about, and the number of fully manufactured devices we’ve seen, the device shown could definitely be legitimate. The video itself is narrated in spoken Mandarin language making it difficult to decipher, but let’s be honest, we all really only care about seeing the iPhone 6 running, right?

iPhone 6 working unit main

The reviewer in the video is holding both the new iPhone 6 as well as the current-generation iPhone 5s. There is an immediate visual distinction between the two devices, with the purported iPhone 6 having a noticeably larger display as well as a much thinner profile and external shell. Everything that we would expect to be featured on the hardware is visible. The traditional home button featuring an underlying Touch ID sensor is present. The top-mounted hardware lock button that places the device into standby. The opening for the Lightning cable connection. The side mounted volume buttons. Certainly from an external perspective this looks to be a genuine offering.

Based on the translation, the individual reviewing the video claims that the iPhone 6 is noticeably faster than it’s predecessor. He also states that potential consumers will be delighted with the fact that the newer device is also a lot lighter than the iPhone 5s. One part of the phone that will definitely split opinion is the rear camera module. The protruding camera lens is sure to ruffle a few feathers. Check the video review out for yourself and see what you think. Are you excited for the announcement on Tuesday?

(via NoWhereElse)

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