iPhone 6 Concept With EYE ID Retinal Scanner Makes Touch ID Look Like Tech From Yesteryear [VIDEO]

As if the existing concepts weren’t enough already, SET Solution has come up with a new one for the upcoming (next year, of course) iPhone 6 (or whatever it gets to be called in the end) – one that takes on a completely different subject, that of security. This new concepts shows iPhone 6 taking a leap further from Touch ID and integrating what SET is calling ‘EYE ID’ – a retinal scanner to provide security and safety on your iPhone.

The concept video released today shows a larger device with a completely modified design much akin to iPad Air, something which looked at yesterday, but that’s not the highlight of this concept iPhone 6. The spotlight shines on the brand new EYE ID technology, which basically lets you unlock and operate your iPhone 6 using retinal scans as opposed to relying on just finger impressions. In fact, SET Solution goes on to claim that:

“Safety is a factor that should never be underestimated! Precisely for this reason, our experts, with the new iPhone 6 have devised a new technology for smartphones: EYE-ID retinal scanner for the iPhone 6.

With iPhone 6 EYE ID you will be able not only to unlock your iPhone but it will be also possible to sign-in to your app store, bank account, and all of yours favorite services with a level of security never reached before!”

EYE ID iPhone concept

iPhone 6 is far from being ready, yet there hasn’t been a device for which we’ve seen so many concepts already before now. When Apple unveiled Touch ID on iPhone 5s this year, it sent ripples through the market, and while haters continue to claim that Apple isn’t the first one to take advantage of fingerprint scanning on a portable device, they choose to ignore that no one before the fruit company has been able to make it mainstream the way Apple did. It’s one thing to have something, and entirely different to make it successful. Apple achieved the latter.

The concept of EYE ID, or any form of retinal scan on a mobile phone, for that matter, is something that has quite a few challenges to overcome. Firstly, the technology is expensive, and in a competitive market, might not find that much user base. Second, miniaturizing it to such a level is also going to be hardship. Finally, it does beget the question of whether it’s even needed at this point or not. With Touch ID barely out of the proverbial bag, it might be wise to let it establish roots first before trumping with something more futuristic. Then again, with Apple, you never really know.

(via: iClarified)

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