iPhone 5S Processor, Motherboard And Specs Reportedly Leaks Online [IMAGES]

Since late last year, rumors of an upcoming iPhone have begun to take hold, with speculation only intensifying over the last few weeks and months. New pictures of the iPhone 5S motherboard have found their way onto the World Wide Web, leaving us to speculate whether these are real or just a quick Photoshop job.

The new images depict a motherboard that looks remarkably similar to the one found on the current iPhone, except for a different chip, dubbed the “A7”. At first glance, there is no great surprise that the internals of the upcoming iPhone, known in the media as the iPhone 5S, look similar to the internal parts of the iPhone 5, since both devices are expected to share the same visual characteristics. However, many would have expected a few more changes to have been made in a mid-cycle hardware upgrade, although there is no evidence of those in these alleged leaked pictures.

As many followers of the rumor mill may be aware, most alleged “leaked” pictures depicting upcoming Apple products are no more than carefully crafted pieces of Photoshop art. In this case, it would have not been at all difficult to edit the picture of a standard iPhone 5 motherboard to make it appear to be powered by the upcoming “A7” chip, which is indeed expected to make its way onto the next iPhone.



According to this report, several other improvements are expected to make their way onto the next upgrade of the iPhone: 2GB of RAM and an updated Siri with support for more languages are just a few. The memory boost, greatly demanded by iPhone users today, would certainly improve the multitasking experience with iOS and make the device capable of running even more intensive applications, such as games.

The iPhone 5S, expected to be announced this June, is an upcoming mid-cycle refresh for the iPhone. If speculation holds true, the new device will include very few visual changes compared to the current iPhone 5, instead sticking with minor physical improvements as well as a major internal hardware refresh to bring the device’s internal specifications up to speed with its competitors. We are left to see what else Apple has in store for us with the next iPhone.

(Source: DroidGator)

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