iPhone 5 SunSpider JavaScript Benchmarks Are In: Twice As Fast As iPhone 4S, Faster Than Galaxy S III And Others

The iPhone 5 is set for a general public release in two days time, and overnight, we have started to see some reviews being published from those who were lucky enough to get their hands on the review and testing units. The reviews are obviously a great resource for people who are considering exchanging their hard earned cash for an iPhone 5, but there will also be a lot of people who are wondering about the actual performance of the device when using it in a real-world environment for everyday tasks.

For those who like to actually see performance tests, then we have some good news as the first SunSpider JavaScript benchmark tests have been published that show just how well the iPhone 5 performs when executing JavaScript within the web browser. The benchmarks aren’t an accurate portrayal of the overall device experience, but they do give a fairly decent indication of the type of web browsing experience which users can expect from the device. If web browsing is important to you, then you will be pleased to hear that Apple’s latest smartphone returns the fastest ever SunSpider results recorded on a device.


When running in Mobile Safari, the iPhone 5 returned a result of 914.7ms, which is shown quite clearly on the chart that it outperforms all other devices that have been tested. Some of the more notable devices on the chart are the Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone 4S and the HTC One X that are all left way behind the new iPhone 5. Interestingly, the iPhone 4S is actually quite far down in the listings, but the next-generation device is two and half times faster than its smaller brother.


Running the SunSpider tests on the device tests the core JavaScript language and was designed to test the performance of the web browser against each other. Additional factors like the device’s processor can effect the results, but the results which the iPhone 5 returns clearly shows that Apple have made significant improvements with their hardware and the underlying iOS 6 software that ships with the new iPhone 5. Not exactly a conclusive test of overall device capabilities, but the early signs of this test shows that the iPhone 5 is definitely going to mix it with other devices of the same class, especially when it comes to web browsing.

(source AnandTech)

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