Apple Reportedly Has No Intention Of Creating A Standalone Dock For iPhone 5, Reveals Marketing SVP Phil Schiller

The announcement at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts saw the introduction of the iPhone 5 may not have brought about the additional surprises which we were hoping for, but it did bring a new Apple smartphone that seems to have once again captured the imagination of consumers. Critics took their usual stand of complaining that Apple had concentrated on making minor aesthetic changes rather than going down the route of innovation and announcing a truly revolutionary device. Consumers are the ones that matter, and with over two million new iPhones pre-ordered in just 24 hours, it looks like Apple will be onto another winner with the release.


There is still some lingering fury about the new Lightning dock connector that has been introduced with the iPhone 5, with consumers complaining that Apple is attempting to extort finances from them by selling an adaptor that allows the new iPhone to work with older accessories. The announcement also saw the executive team announce various accessories that would be available for the new iPhone, including the aforementioned 30-pin adapter and a variety of connection cables for various uses. However, they neglected to mention whether or not we would be able to purchase a new standalone dock for the new iPhone.

For those who love nothing more than looking at their gorgeous iPhone standing upright in a nice white dock, then prepare to be disappointed as Phil Schiller has confirmed that Apple has no intention of release an official Lighting compatible dock for the new device. Phil Schiller is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Apple, so if anyone knows about the plans to release products it would be him, so his word is good enough for us.

iPhone 5 front back

The announcement comes after an Apple customer made an enquiry about the possibility of a new dock, with Schiller informing him that they don’t plan on releasing one due to the fact that their own research shows that customers who use docks prefer to dock their iPhone into a speaker or clock-based accessory. It’s only a matter of time until we see an unofficial dock, but there will not be an Apple made one. Just to rub our faces in it, Schiller’s email response was also signed off with "Sent from my iPhone 5".

(via 9to5Mac)

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