iPhone 3.0 vs. Palm Pre vs. Windows Phones (WM 6.5)

Apple today has announced the much anticipated iPhone 3G S with the brand new iPhone OS 3.0 for both the new and the previous gen models. The biggest question that many people are asking themselves is whether it is worth purchasing an iPhone 3G S instead of the newly released Palm Pre or the forthcoming Windows Phones with Windows Mobile 6.5?

The following head-to-head comparison between iPhone 3G S, Palm Pre and the forthcoming Windows Phones powered with Windows Mobile 6.5 will help you answer your question:

  iPhone 3G S
(OS 3.0)
Palm Pre Windows Phones
(Ver. 6.5)
Display Resolution 480×320 320×480 Up to 800×480 in some models
Capacitive Display Yes Yes No
Accelerometer Yes Yes Yes
Locked ? Yes, AT&T Yes, Sprint No (for some Models)
3G Yes Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes Yes
MMS Yes Yes Yes
Cloud-Sync Service
MobileMe Palm Profile My Phone
Applications Store App Store App Catalog Marketplace for Mobile
No. of Applications around 50,000 less than 100 20,000+
Multitasking No Yes Yes
Multi-touch Yes Yes No
OS Updates Yes Yes No
Camera 3 MP 3 MP Up to 5 MP in some models
Video Recording Yes No Yes
Cut/Copy/Paste Yes Yes Yes
Physical Keyboard No Yes Yes
Virtual Keyboard Yes No Yes
Changeable Battery No Yes Yes
Multiple Form Factors No No Yes
Storage Up to 32GB 8GB 8GB with expansion slot

Also, while looking on the Youtube site, I have found these little comparison videos between iPhone, Palm Pre and HTC Touch HD running Windows Mobile 6.5 which are sure well worth checking out:



The Bottom line is that the competition between iPhone, Palm Pre, Android Phones and Windows Phones is good for us the consumers as this is what keeps Apple, Palm, Google and Microsoft on their toes and on top of their game. I consider myself very lucky to live in a time where we all have such awesome mobile options to choose from.

So which one will be yours come this summer?