iPad ‘Test Model’ Stolen During House Robbery In Cupertino

Some stories are just too strange to be true, or so unlikely that they’re unbelievable. Sometimes though, truth really is stranger than fiction. Like the time someone left an iPhone prototype in a bar. Yeah, that happened.

So when we heard that an iPad ‘test model’ had been stolen from a residence in Cupertino, we unfortunately didn’t bat an eyelid. After all, it’s not really the first time is it?

iPad Air 2

The story is still an interesting one though, because we don’t know whether the iPad in question was a version of the device that we already know about, or one that is yet to be released. It’s entirely possible, for example, that there is a prototype iPad Pro floating around somewhere, with the culprit not knowing what they have in their possession.

According to reports on the theft, robbers made away with the unknown tablet as well as prescription drugs, other electronics and cash valued at over $7,000. The iPad itself, assuming it really is an unknown and unreleased device, could actually be priceless however. Quite how you explain that to your insurance company, we’re not really sure.

The man who had the iPad in his possession and was unfortunate enough to be robbed was also kidnapped in the process, though he was thankfully dropped off less than a mile from his home following the ordeal. The other good news is that the suspects have already been apprehended, but none of the taken goods have as yet been recovered.


The last time an unreleased Apple product went missing like this it was the result of an engineer misplacing it in a bar. That led to weeks of theater as Apple’s Steve Jobs got involved once a famous publication famously bought the device from whoever found it. The whole thing got very messy, very quickly and eventually led to the publication being expelled from Apple media events until recently.

(Source: MercuryNews)

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