iOS Developer chpwn Talks About UI Inconsistences In Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich, And We Agree With Him

Famous iOS developer and modder Grant chpwn Paul recently opened up a blog called ICS Paper Cuts in which he talks about his experience with Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus. As a fan of iOS – a mobile operating system with consistent user-interface(UI)/user-experience(UX) – he talks about the many inconsistencies present in the UI/UX offered by Ice Cream Sandwich. You can check out the details after the jump!

Galaxy Nexus

The news comes from Reddit – a social news website – in the form of a link submission from user Xuzz who is, presumably, chpwn himself. The submission links to chpwn’s new tumblog called ICS Paper Cuts in which, as we have mentioned before, he discusses his experience with ICS and the “small UI issues” that it has.

While, yes, folks like Jerry Hildenbrand of Android Central note that chpwn’s list is full of nitpicking and that his blog “is crap” and that “<the reader> must agree”, I absolutely understand and appreciate the UI inconsistencies chpwn has mentioned. If you’ve used both iOS and Android, you too will be able to relate with the list. Things like the lack of explanation of terms like Mediaserver/WiFi Direct, single-button pop-up menus, “remnants” of older Android releases still found in ICS, the lack of pinch-to-zoom in Gmail etc. are truly, truly UI issues that should be resolved. While individually they don’t hurt much, when you add it all together, it makes for a very inconsistent user-experience.

The good thing that we’ve realized from reading his blog his, as pointed out by 2gooder over on Reddit, is that Android has finally, finally reached a state where people are discussing the smaller, UI-related issues instead of some of the older functional issues that were found in older versions of Android. Ice Cream Sandwich is indeed a big leap forward for Android and the world’s most popular smartphone OS can only get better from here.

You can check out chpwn’s ICS Paper Cuts blog here. Whether you’re an Android or iOS enthusiast, you should definitely, definitely check it out. Once you’ve had a look at his blog, be sure to check out Android Central’s response to it here and then chpwn’s response to Android Central’s response here. Lastly, if you have enough time, you may want to check out the comments thread over on Reddit where chpwn responds individually to each redditor’s comments on his blog.

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