International Users Can Now Buy Google Chromecast Dongle, Here’s How

The Google Chromecast was originally announced back in July this year, but the 2.83-inch dongle has already managed to notch up a number of fans. The ability to stream high-definition content over a Wi-Fi or local network is obviously something that appeals to the masses. For the first time since the original announcement, it looks like those international fans can start getting their hands on the device as has announced the availability of international Chromecast shipping.

Those living outside the United States, and were in dire need of a Chromecast in their lives had to resort to heading over to eBay to see what kind of deals they can get on an unofficial import. As is usually the case with eBay – and more specifically with sought after devices like the Chromecast – there was often a significant financial markup applied to the auction that in some cases just didn’t make it worthwhile purchasing. There’s also the fact that secondary channel purchases through eBay and other auction sites just doesn’t give that peace of mind that an official purchase provides. That looks to be a thing of the past thanks to Amazon.


The official retail price for the Chromecast in the United States is at a very affordable $35 point, which is one of the reasons why the product is so appealing. International customers who opt to use the Amazon listing will find themselves paying a little extra to cover shipping and local import fees but the total cost is still extremely reasonable. It also offers all of the consumer rights and privileges that come with purchasing an item through a reputable seller like Amazon. At the time of writing, it looks like consumers in Australia, Hong Kong, Germany and the United Kingdom are all able to purchase internationally.

chromecast amazon listing

If you are in one of the supported shipping destinations then we can rejoice in the fact that Google’s Chromecast can now be a part of our lives. However, it is being pointed out that the companion Chromecast app isn’t as easy to snag as the dongle itself. The official setup app is only available to download for those with an iTunes account registered in the United States. Still, it’s actually pretty easy to setup the device without the app so it shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

(Source: Amazon)

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