Intel Sandy Bridge MacBook Pros Nearly Here – Larger Trackpads, Dedicated SSD Drives to Boot OS X

It’s pretty much accepted now that we’ll be treated to a MacBook Pro refresh in the next week or two, but unusually there hasn’t been the level of leaks we tend to see before a major line-refresh. BGR however does have some interesting tidbits to share, with one in particular surprising all of us!

According to a BGR source, the updated MacBook Pro line will feature an even larger glass trackpad than the one we all know and love, with Apple going for the ‘bigger is better’ approach when it comes to its input methods.

The second on the list of possible changes is a drop in weight. Presumably taking lessons learned from the new MacBook Air models, Apple reportedly managed to shave around half a pound from the new MBPs when compared to the current hardware. Hopefully a lighter body doesn’t detract from that ‘quality feel’ we so adore.

Finally there’s the wildcard amongst the three changes detailed by BGR. Their source claimed the new systems will ship with their operating system installed on a small SSD, presumably either 8GB or 16GB while a standard spindle disk will be included for apps and other data. An interesting half-way-house for those wanting the speed and wake-time of the new MacBook Airs while not skimping on screen size or storage. A full SSD option will also be available, says the source.

We like the sound of an instant-on MacBook Pro powerhouse, and certainly wouldn’t put such a move past Apple. Fingers crossed there are even more goodies up the collective Apple sleeves!

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