Breakup Notifier Emails You When Your Stalked Target on Facebook Changes Relationship Status

It’s a bitter truth but we all have a little stalker inside of us. A lot of us at one point in time make use of Facebook to stalk the people we were in relationship with or want to get in relationship with. Breakup Notifier is the service which is going to make stalking a lot more easier. More interesting than the service is the story why it was created at first place.

Dan Loewenherz, the app coder, was sitting one fine day trying to set up his fiancé’s sister to a guy. Soon ahead, he looked for the profile of the guy on Facebook only to find out he was already in relationship. Being heartbroken, Dan consumed the negative energy in to his motivation and made use of his programming skills to create this service which let’s you get notified when the person you’re stalking changes his/her relationship status.

As soon as your target Facebook friend changes his/her relationship status, Breakup Notifier sends you an email notifying you about the change. It pings Facebook every 10 minutes to check the relationship status. This is usually useful when you’re not in touch with the target and he/she is not likely to get a major space in your news feed.

All you have to do is log on to Breakup Notifier, sign in with your Facebook account, select your friends and the stalking begins.

Alexia at TechCrunch calls it "Rebound for a Reason", which makes the perfect tag-line for the newly launched app.

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