Instagram Video vs. Vine – Head-to-Head Comparison [VIDEO]

As you’re probably aware by now, this week was big for the Facebook-owned social network Instagram. After months of speculation, following the release of Twitter’s Vine video sharing app / service, Instagram finally introduced their competitor to the short six second video network taking the world by storm. What makes this a nice addition, is that it’s a new built-in feature to already existing Instagram app. No new icon needed.

Video sharing seems to be the trend (or craze) nowadays, so I thought it would be apt to help you decide which platform is the most suitable for your needs?

Instagram Vine 1

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages for both platforms, so the video embedded below will walk you through some of the most stark differences between the platforms. Grab of a cup of coffee and dig in:

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Apart from the obvious, the main advantage that Instagram has over Vine at the moment, is that it’s already an extremely established platform. People aren’t going to start up a new social network, when they have very similar functionality on one they already have an active account on. For myself, Instagram video is the obvious choice, because I have about four times the amount of followers on Instagram than I do on Vine, so it just doesn’t make any sense for me to switch at this point in time.

Personally, I think that the team behind Vine is definitely going to have to come up with a new feature set, a slightly new philosophy and maybe try and boost the social side to their video sharing application. At the moment, Instagram video is coming out all guns blazing, with Vine getting shot to ribbons.

Instagram Vine 2

At this point, it’s really early to say whether or not Instagram’s new video features would really take off or not. 24 hours later, everyone is definitely psyched about sharing 15 seconds of filtered video, but Vine is the trend setter here on top of which Instagram is going to build its success.

Will Instagram win this battle against Vine? Will Instagram video prove to be more successful than any other video sharing service out there? These are the questions which time will answer.

Meanwhile, I’m going to find some food to record and upload to Instagram. Will you please excuse me.

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