Image Grabber Is The Ultimate Image Extraction Utility For iPhone

The recently released Image Grabber tweak that has just hit Cydia is a tool that affords users the ability to extract any image from within any web view that is found within iOS. The tweak itself is effectively a fully-featured image extraction tool that integrates into Apple’s mobile operating system to give users some additional power to handle displayed media.

After installation, Image Grabber makes itself at home within every single web view that is presented to the user. In normal circumstances, users may assume that this is only applicable when browsing the web using Mobile Safari, but it may come as a surprise to some that web views are actually an extremely commonly used control in a lot of applications.

When browsing through web pages, the tweak allows users to view, handle and extract images, saving them directly to the device. The tweak also finds itself at home within PDF files that are presented within a webpage, meaning that the images can be taken directly from a PDF file as well. When the images are detected and the user opts to download them, the whole process is handled by a custom pop over view that fits into the look and feel of iOS extremely well.

The custom designed pop over gives users the ability to either save the image to the device, copy the selected image, or email it using the built-in Mail app. Image Grabber will work with a large number of apps, but some apps of note are Facebook, Twitter, iBooks, the App Store and Apple’s mobile iTunes app. After installation, Image Grabber doesn’t provide any home screen icons, but does come with a number of configurable options to alter the use of the tweak.

One of the benefits of the package is that it offers a fairly powerful image saving solution that isn’t really available in any other tweak, and as more apps are installed that feature an embedded web view, users will find extra use for the installation.

Image Grabber is available from the BigBoss repository for a cost of $1.99 and requires a jailbroken device running iOS 5 or higher.

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