iLoveHandles ‘Trunk’ Lightning Cable Doubles As Flexible Stand For iPhone 5

Keeping our smartphones charged up for when we need them most is something we’re always considering, subconsciously or otherwise. As such, the third-party accessory market makes an absolute killing in flogging docks, retractable cables, charging mats, juice packs, and other such products. Considering there are so many different types of charging accessories available, you might have thought the scope for innovation in this field was somewhat limited, but iLoveHandles’ "Trunk" Lightning cable for the iPhone 5 proves this not to be the case.

It is comprised of robust, yet flexible components allowing your Apple smartphone to be held up in all manner of positions, including vertically, while charging. For example, if you regularly plug your iPhone into your notebook’s USB port to grab that little extra bit of juice, this trunk-like peripheral can be manipulated so the device stands upright, allowing for better general interaction.


Similarly, if you have connected your iPhone to a wall charger and wish to be able to see the display from afar for notifications and whatnot, you needn’t prop it up or try and make provisions so you don’t miss that important message. Simply adjust the Trunk to the perfect angle of viewing, and you’ll be good to go.


Having seen scores of charging accessories over the past few years, finding one that hasn’t really been done before is truly a rarity. Not only is the iLoveHandles Trunk somewhat unique in that there aren’t too many products out there like it, but the fact it can be readily shaped to different charging ports can and will enhance general productivity, which is never a bad thing.


Overall, it’s a very nifty little contraption, and for the very reasonable price of just $19.95 over at the company’s website at, it’s definitely worth checking out. iLoveHandles is renowned for bringing products as bespoke and unusual as its name to the fore, and although there have been some misses as well as hits in the past, the Trunk, to me, looks as though it will prove a sure-fire hit.

What are your thoughts – is the Trunk something you would be interested in picking up? Please do leave your comments, as ever, via the comments section below.

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