Humor: Here’s How The Samsung Logo Was Born [Image]

With the serious nature of the current court battle between Samsung and Apple, it’s always amusing to witness the many ways in which the on-looking tech community continually trolls both companies. With Samsung having developed a reputation for copying its Cupertino adversary – this being the main reason behind the current court case in California – a funny little graphic has emerged from what looks to be a Thai comic, showing just how Samsung came up with its logo. (Hint: it copied Apple).

As the person behind the graphic has noticed, the oval shape that comprises the majority of Samsung’s logo looks almost like it used to be housed within the Apple logo, as if the Korean company took the leftover chunk and decided to start a company from it.

Samsung logo

Of course, this kind of coverage will no doubt leave Apple fans chuckling, and if the fruit company wins its latest patent dispute, one could argue that Samsung’s copycat culture is not just something dreamed up by Tim Cook’s legal team. The iPhone maker is currently seeking a couple of billion dollars in damages relating to a total of five patent infringements regarding AutoCorrect, Slide to Unlock and Spotlight search, and if successful, will once again humiliate its closest rival.

Whoever was behind this particular prank must be commended, because even though we’ve seen the respective logos a million times and compared the two companies ad nauseam, none of us had spotted just how the two tech titans were essentially separated at birth.

Apple Samsung logo funny

At least, in the very unlikely event that the two companies decided to merge, there’d be a ready-made logo, although given the ever-heightening animosity, this would seem about as possible as Apple making iOS an open-source platform.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the rivalry between these two is that Apple is calling Samsung out for software implementations largely attributable to Google. In past court cases, the devices themselves have been at the forefront of the argument, in which case it made sense for Apple to throw lawsuits in Samsung’s direction, but for Apple to make complaints about implementations that Sammy had nothing to do with just goes to show how little love lost there is between the two.


(Source: Grahame Critcher [Twitter]) (via: CultofMac)

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