How To Setup An In-Vehicle Camera Dock To Never Miss A Roadside Snap Again [VIDEO]

If you happen to be a person who accomplish their fair share of driving for either business or personal pleasure, then the chances are; at one time or another, you saw something truly unbelievable at the side of the road that would make a perfect photo opportunity. The most realistic chance of snapping an extremely quick photograph undoubtedly comes from using something like an iPhone or any other smartphone device, but by the time you get it out and get the camera app loaded, that moment has passed away. So what do we do about it? Admit defeat and move on, burdened by the fact that something truly remarkable has been missed?

If you are way to eager to never miss a shot again, then you concoct a way to create an in-car dock that makes use of digital cameras, some ninja soldering skills and a few switches to produce a photographic system that is perfect for capturing those un-missable roadside moments. It may seem like an extreme length to travel to just be able to take a few pictures, but if driving is your profession and you spent most of every working day covering highways and driving through the countryside, then it could provide the perfect opportunity to document your life on the road.


The first part of the project was to get hold of a couple of digital cameras that would act as the main ingredient in this innovative setup. The creator opted for some money-saving options by grabbing two Vivitar models that packed in 7.1 megapixels and retailed for about $30 each. Not exactly the cream of the photography crop, but this situation doesn’t really call for large expenditure. Having a camera is all well and good, but the issue actually occurs with response and snapping times. This was overcome by soldering in some extenders to the camera snapper and shutter buttons and wiring it back to a separate breakout box before using the original camera packaging, mixed together with a few suction cups to produce a harness for the cameras on the car’s side windows.

The end result is two digital cameras looking out of either side of the vehicle and attached to a central box that contains two momentary switches to control the shutter and capture buttons on each camera. Never again shall you have to miss that bizarre colored vehicle or small child falling off his bike on the side walk.

(via LifeHacker)

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