How To Remove Scratches From Apple Watch Stainless Steel [Guide]

The Apple Watch may seem like it’s from the future some times, but in reality it’s just the same as any other piece of jewelry – it’s going to get scratched. Nobody wants to admit it, but it’s going to happen. We know, it sucks.

If you’re wearing the stainless steel Apple Watch then you’re possibly more likely to notice some scratches here and there just because it’s the nature of the beast. Stainless steel scratches, but thankfully, it’s pretty easy to repair. In fact, assuming you haven’t been bouncing things off of it, you can probably even repair it yourself.

Remove Scratches Apple Watch main

In order to get light scratches out of your Apple Watch, all you need is some polish and a microfiber cloth. The kind that used to ship with iPhones will work, though if you walk into anywhere that sells just about anything you’ll be able to buy one. Places that sell spectacles are good, usually because they’ll give you one for free. There you go, that’s today’s top tip for you.

scratch 1

As for polish, any standard metal polish will do. Either get the cream – it’ll work fine, but it can be messy if you’re a bit ham-fisted – or opt for the pre-treated clothes or wipes that are available these days. They’re a bit like baby wipes, but for metal. Don’t get them mixed up!

what you need 1

what you need 2

Once you’ve got your kit, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: First of all, if you have a leather band on your Apple Watch, you might want to take it off.

Step 2: Now, give your Apple Watch a good clean with your microfiber cloth. You want to get as much grime off as you can. We all like to think our watches are spotless, but everyone sweats.

Step 3: Next up, get your pre-treated cloth or a cloth with some polish on and start wiping slowly and firmly. You don’t need a lot of cream if that’s the route you’re taking, and be sure not to get any on the screen or any of the speaker or microphone ports. The only thing you should be wiping is metal. Don’t go crazy either, there are no prizes for finishing quickly!


Step 4: When your cloth looks like it’s turning black, it means it has successfully removed a very small layer of stainless steel, cleaning scratches in the process. Now using dry portion of the cloth, give a few good rubs back and forth to wipe and get the shine.

after polish

Step 5: Once done you should be left with a nice, shiny Apple Watch again. All done.

all clean

That’s really all there is to it. Just make sure that anything you touch your Apple Watch with during the process is nice and clean, and try not to get any polish on the watch face and you’re golden.

If you find that this isn’t working for you then it’s likely the scratches are too deep. Don’t panic though, because a professional jeweler should be able to buff deeper scratches right out.

Good luck!

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