Apple Watch Steel Case Can Scratch Easily, But There Is A Easy Fix [Video]

Apple Watch units are turning up at the homes of early adopters the world over, so long as you managed to either order during the right minute or inexplicably had your order bumped to the front of the queue. However you came about having an Apple Watch, if you own the stainless steel model then you may have noticed that it has acquired one or two scratches and scuffs already. You’re not alone.

The Internet is already starting to get itself into a lather about Apple’s new watch being susceptible to scratching, at least in its stainless steel guise. Unfortunately, it seems that people were under the impression that stainless steel was some sort of super metal, but it turns out that the steel used in the Apple Watch is actually less resistant to scratches and scuffs than the aluminium used in the cheaper Apple Watch Sport. Go figure.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 6.05.43 PM

But fear not, intrepid watch wearer for there is a nice, easy, cheap solution to your woes. There need not be tears, and there definitely doesn’t need to be anyone shouting about ‘scratchgate’ from the rooftops because, well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that metal can scratch. Does nobody remember the iPod classic and its forebears?

We’re sure the only thing that you are interested at this point is how to go about fixing your $500+ watch, so without dragging things along any further, here’s your fix: metal polish.

You read that right.

Head on out and get yourself a $5 can of metal polish and use both it and a clean paper towel to polish your Apple Watch to within an inch of its life. Or, probably a better idea, just until you can’t see any more scratches. In fact yeah, go with that.

Now you’ll want to avoid getting polish on the screen or in any of the microphone or speaker holes around the edge of your watch, but apart from that you should be good to polish like you’ve never polished before.

Just don’t get too carried away, and whatever you do don’t call it scratchgate!

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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