How To Get iOS 9 Features On iOS 8 Right Now

When Apple took the wraps off iOS 9, everyone got suitably excited to see what the company had been working on for the iPhone and iPad. Luckily, there was enough to keep all of us interested and the chances are you’re looking forward to iOS 9 hitting final download channels as much as we are.


Unless you’re a developer, the earliest you’re likely to be able to try iOS 9 for yourself is September though or when the public beta goes live next month, which is far from around the corner. If you’re using a jailbroken iPhone you can do some things to try and make the best of what you have now though, with a few steps all that is required in order to make iOS 8 look and behave at least a little like iOS 9.

So here’s how.

Download iOS 9 Wallpaper


Getting the iOS 9 wallpaper is by far the easiest way to get at least the start of an iOS 9 look. To download the stock iOS 9 wallpaper, check out: Get iOS 9, OS X El Capitan Wallpaper For Any Device From Here.

Get The New San Francisco Font


You can get the new San Francisco font that Apple now uses for iOS 9, OS X 10.11 and watchOS 2 right on iOS 8. We’ve shown you how to do just that before, right here: Get ‘San Francisco’ Font On iPhone Now, Here’s How.

Make sure you first download official San Francisco font from here.

Split View Multitasking, Lower-Case Keyboard, PIP, Search Settings, Low Power Mode And More


Check out and install a whole raft of jailbreak tweaks that Apple probably took some inspiration from when carving out iOS 9. This Includes VideoPane (PIP), SearchSettings, SwipeSelection, ShowCase (lower-case keyboard), BattSaver (Low Power Mode), Copic, ReachApp (Split View), RelevApp (app suggestions), Quick Reply (for third-parties). For the complete list of tweaks check out our post here: 9 Jailbreak Tweaks Apple Killed In iOS 9.

Switch To Last Used App

Apple introduced a feature in iOS 9 that lets you switch to the last app you were using in a single tap. Using the LastApp tweak, coupled with an Activator gesture, you can achieve the very same effect. LastApp is available to download from the BigBoss repo.

Attach Any File Type And More Than 5 Photos In Mail App


iOS 9 lets you attach more than 5 photos at the same time as well as add any file type as attachment. With Attachments+ for Mail, you can do the very same thing. Give it a try, because it lets you do all sorts of cool things with attachments using the stock Mail app. Attachments+ for Mail is available to download from the BigBoss repo.

Get Round Edged App Previews In Multitasking View

iOS 9 features rounded edges for app previews in multitasking view, and you can get that look on iOS 8 by using a tweak called RoundedSwitcherCards. This doesn’t give you the new stacked styled iOS 9 multitasking UI on iOS 8, just the rounded edges. The tweak can be downloaded from the repo in Cydia.

Get iOS 9 Like Rounded Alert Corners


Get rounded corners on iOS 8’s buttons and options by installing Cornered. The tweak is available to download from the BigBoss repo.

While all these might not give you the full iOS 9 look and feel, they should at least give you some of its functionality while making iOS 8 look a little more like what Apple has shown off as iOS 9. Expect to see iOS 9 change in a few more ways before it goes live to the public as well, so even though there may be some more tweaking required at a later date this is at least a decent start.


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