HiRise For Apple Watch Is A Pristine Accessory For Apple’s New Wearable

Given the element of fashion and style that the Apple Watch exudes, an equally impressive charging stand is only fair. Enter – HiRise for Apple Watch, a charging dock/stand from Twelve South. More information to follow right after the jump.

Just a day back we saw the announcement of an Apple Watch charging dock/stand from Griffin, which allows users to place their watch on the sloping surface of the pedestal held in place by the MagSafe charger. Similarly, HiRise involves the use of the MagSafe charger’s magnetic hold to stick the Apple Watch in place on a sloping surface, where the stand can accommodate all models of the watch with all kinds of bands with opened or closed loops.

HiRise for Apple Watch main

Why the inclined and sloping surface? The company explain this as, “HiRise for Apple Watch was designed to showcase your watch at an elevated height and angle, making it easy to view, touch and interact with Apple’s newest creation even while it’s charging.” The accessory has been carefully crafted with precise use of leather and soft silicone pads to protect the watch’s casing, band, and the metal clasps as well, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your precious watch.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.37.17 pm

HiRise unfortunately does not come with a built-in charger, and users will have to skillfully probe the charging equipment into place on the stand, and once done, should give a clutter-free look. The stand from Griffin follows the same philosophy as well, where the charging cable has to be snaked into the stand, but with a disk-mechanism on HiRise you can be sure that the accessory does not keep your charging cable hostage for when you have to rush out.

Unfortunately, HiRise will not be available by the time the Apple Watch launches in April, with Twelve South stating that the product will start shipping out in May.


At $49.99, HiRise will be available in two colors: black and silver, which should blend well with almost all variations and colors of the watch. Personally, the sight of an Apple Watch Sport with a green sports band perched on a black stand should look pretty sick.

What are your thoughts on the new accessory from Twelve South? Let us know in the comments section below.

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