Hey Genius, Microsoft wants you!

Microsoft’s Hey-Genius site is yet another job portal from Microsoft but this time it is mainly targeted towards students who have an IQ over 140. So if you think you are genius and you are looking to work as an internee or as a full time employee at Microsoft then go ahead and enter this high brainwidth site. Not sure you have the brain power to handle the awesomeness?

Hey-Genius, Microsoft wants you!

“You will find no other company with the sheer breadth of technologies, from Windows kernel, to Office applications, to servers, to Live Web services, to Xbox, to games, to business solutions, to hardware. The things you get to see and learn from other people are amazing.” 
John, Software Development Lead, Windows Server Performance at Microsoft


As you can see from the screenshot above, the site is all flashy(not on Silverlight though) and is all designed in black and white colors to give Microsoft a startup company full of youth and energy type of a look. This is what the “About Us” cat has to say:

So, hi, we’re Microsoft — A not-so-little startup company up here in the great Northwest. We know a lot of you think you know us. Some of you really do. But if you have never been here, we wanted to make sure you knew that you could have a great career and life here. We are a bunch of people like you. Actually, a lot like you. Yes, we are a big company, but we act like a lot of small companies. In some respects, we have a lot of startups going on all the time. This little paragraph can’t make you believe that, you have to come here to see for yourself. If you’re interested, let us know.