Head to Head: iPod Touch or the new Zune HD?

The Zune HD has been finally announced officially by Microsoft today and is set to release this fall in US only. No official word yet on price or capacity. Here is a Zune Logoquick head to head comparison between the new Zune HD v.s. iPod Touch 2G:


  Zune HD iPod Touch
Screen Size 3.3" 16:9 Widescreen Capacitive OLED with 480×272 3.5’’ Widescreen Capacitive display with 480×320
Storage Capacity N/A 8GB/16GB/32GB
Control Type Multitouch Multitouch
Battery N/A

Music = 36 hours
Video = 6 hours

Colors Metallic Silverish-bronze & Black Black only
Full Web Browser Special version of Internet Explorer Safari
Video-Out 720p out through HDMI SD video-out
Voice Recorder No Yes (through third-party apps)
Radio HD radio receiver No
Games Yes Yes
Online Service Zune Marketplace iTunes Store
Social Network Yes, Zune Social No
Podcast Yes Yes
Compatibility Windows PC PC, Mac
Price N/A 8GB $249
16GB $299
32GB $399
Availability US Only Worldwide
Extras Accelerometer, Wi-Fi, Xbox LIVE integration, Wireless Sync, Wireless File Sharing, NVIDIA Tegra graphics processor (?) Accelerometer, Wi-Fi, Nike + iPod integration, Built-in speaker


Zune HD

Zune HD - Black

Zune HD Black

We leave the final judgment to the users themselves. So which one are you in for?