Halo 4 Prelude Clip Gives An Insight Into Creation Of The Game [VIDEO]

Although Microsoft has done fantastically to bring its Xbox brand of console from nowhere to market leader in less than a decade, the Halo franchise has had a big hand in proceedings. It was the first title to release along with the original Xbox console, and with Halo 4 set to arrive this fall, the buzz about the title is still as prevalent as ever.

Of course, Call of Duty has ben the biggest selling over the past few years, and gamers will also be looking forward to Black Ops II later on this year, but with so much time, effort and anticipation having encircled the creation of Halo 4, one suspects the Xbox 360 exclusive will be a tad bit more.

Halo 4 first look

Often, gamers cannot comprehend the amount of work and creativity that goes into creating something like Halo 4, but a new video from 343 Industries offers something of an insight to the toil involved. It’s being labeled as a “Prelude” to the game, and offers those interested a little behind the scenes look at what the guys at 343 needed to do to get Halo 4 just right.

The original Halo, for those that can remember, was famous for its glitches, but as time has progressed, Halo has become more and more a polished affair. Halo 4, from what we’ve seen thus far in the form of teaser trailers, looks to be something of a masterpiece, and the two-and-a-half minute video clip shows how such a work of art is made.

As you can see, the video covers everything from recording the soundtrack (a very significant part of the Halo experience), to filming the motion capture – allowing characters to move in a realistic fashion. You get to see the programmers and developers unleashing their creative genius, and also how the weapon noises are created and recorded.

As a huge Halo fan myself, I find the clip to be fascinating, and I think its important for gamers to see just how much work goes into creating the games we all know and love. It’s quite easy to lose sight of the number of man-hours and dedication these individuals have to put in to create the simple disc you grab from Best Buy, and hope other gaming firms follow suit and show fans how things are done from the ground up.

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