GTA 5 Online Users Playing In October To Get $500,000 In-Game Money

Although the launch of Grand Theft Auto has been, as recently confirmed by Guinness World Records, an unprecedented success by all accounts, it’s fair to note that Rockstar’s efforts to get GTA 5 Online up and running has been more than a struggle.

Many users have been left unable to experience the title online, and considering how heavily Rockstar lauded the multiplayer capabilities in the run-up to the belated release, it’s not an ideal predicament, to say the least. But Rockstar seems to have an uncanny knack for turning things around and getting gamers back on-side, and the promise of a $500,000 to each user of GTA Online during the month of October (GTA dollars, of course), should more than make up for the technical issues of the past couple of weeks.

Because GTA 5 sold many more units than any other game has managed in its first days and weeks on the market, nothing could have prepared its maker for the sheer number of users looking to connect to the multiplayer servers, and although, given how long Rockstar spent preparing the release, there shouldn’t have been such a to-do, the reparation on offer almost – almost – makes it seem worth it.

$500,000, even in Grand Theft Auto 5 terms, is a very good amount, and as Rockstar rightly points out, “helps to. . make life in Los Santos and Blaine County extra sweet.” Unfortunately, though, the money won’t all be delivered up front, since it would affect the balance of the economy. Instead, it will be paid in two separate installments, although there’s no word on which date either lump sump will arrive.

So, there you have it. I mean, sure, you probably queued up or pre-ordered, waited anxiously to play GTA Online, only to find out the whole thing was a complete and utter shambles. But hey, soon, your GTA bank account will be jam-packed with those delicious dollars, enabling you to go ahead and explore all of the niceties that Rockstar has built into the title.

It’s also a smart move from Rockstar, since those who’d previously put-off purchasing and playing GTA 5 may now go out and pick up a copy before the month’s out, boosting those early sales figures before the imminent arrival of Call of Duty: Ghosts on November 5th.

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