Google Takes On Apple’s iPhone XS In New Night Sight On Pixel 3 Vs ‘Phone X’ Ad

Google knows that it has a hit on its hand with the Night Sight mode that is available on its Pixel 3 phones. The feature, which was added as a software update following the phones’ release late last year, enables photos to be taken in low-light situations with the results looking just as good as Google’s marketing rhetoric would have us believe.

Now, that marketing is taking another shot at Apple, with the iPhone XS in the crosshairs.

In an image shared by a Google marketing VP, we can see the same photo taken with an iPhone XS and a Google Pixel. The result, as you would expect, shows the Pixel is capable of taking a much better image thanks to Night Sight. The resulting images are, if you’ll pardon the pun, night and day.

Google’s images show just how powerful Night Sight is. The photo taken with the iPhone XS is a dark, muddy mess with the subject almost impossible to make out. By contrast, the image taken with the Pixel 3 looks pretty amazing, if perhaps a little washed out in places. However, given the ability to take an image out of nothing, we’re pretty sure everyone will let Google off there.

Google’s Night Sight takes multiple images and combines them into one, with plenty of Google smarts thrown in to create an image that looks better than anything the iPhone is a capable of producing under the same lighting conditions.

We can only expect that Apple will be working to get its own house in order ahead of its 2019 iPhone lineup. Who knows, maybe the outing of iOS 13 at WWDC later this year will be our first look at something akin to Night Sight for iPhone.

(Source: @theREALmarvin [Twitter])

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