Google Reportedly Working On Its Own Music Streaming Service

When It comes to the Web, or indeed any field within the technology industry, Google is never far away with its own service or product looking to revolutionize (or at least Googlize) the way we do things. With the likes of Spotify and Pandora currently seen as two of the main players in the streaming music game, The Big G, it is claimed, wants a piece of the action, and with Apple trying to get its own iTunes Match service off the ground, Google would once again be locking horns with one of its fiercest rivals.

According to reports, the Mountain View based search giant has already begun holding talks with record labels in an attempt to secure the rights to this new streaming system. Like Apple’s iTunes Match, which still allows the individual purchase of songs from the iTunes Music Store, Google’s streaming option would supplement – rather than replace – the current service offered by the company, which allows users to buy tracks from a catalog of millions over at the Google Play Store.


Although details of the business model can only be speculated upon at this point, it would seem likely that Google may go with the popular free, ad-supported system in order to entice new users, and then offer premium services for those willing to pay a flat monthly fee.

While Google will certainly find it difficult to gain traction with so many established streaming options now available to music-loving consumers, it has the obvious advantage of millions upon millions of Android devices already out in the wild. Like Play Store, Chrome and Gmail, Google could – and almost certainly would – begin bundling the new app for the streamer with its Android software, and with a now-impressive array of audio content (and negotiations said to be securing much more), the likes of Apple, Spotify and Grooveshark ought to take note.

While I personally love my Spotify account, I, like many, would be very interested to see what Google will come up with. The company will be joining the party very late in the day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it cannot take the market by the scruff of the neck, and given Google’s track record, I wouldn’t bet against it, either.

(Source: FinancialTimes)

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