Get Up To 800 Free Microsoft Points On Xbox LIVE By Playing Lots Of Halo 4 Online

The long-awaited release of Halo 4 has finally arrived, and having waited some four-and-a-bit years for the fourth edition in the legendary series, gamers are finally able to dive in and get gaming. If you cast your minds back a bit – beyond the manic rush of the past couple of days – you may remember Microsoft’s promise that gamers with high enough Gamerscore would be in the running for a couple of perks and rewards. True to its word, the Redmond company has come through on its announcement, and if you’re an avid Halo 4 fan, you might want to prize yourself away from your Xbox 360 console for two minutes.

Among the niceties announced by Microsoft a couple of months ago, the software maker suggested those with a high enough Gamerscore could be in for a small refund every month for Xbox LIVE Marketplace purchases. But with the game now out and being played by hundreds of thousands of Halo fans as we speak, Microsoft has upped the ante, and as part of its Xbox LIVE Rewards program, gamers join in the online Halo 4 multiplayer will be able to obtain some free Microsoft Points.


In the world of Xbox LIVE, Microsoft points are as good as cold, hard cash, since not only can you purchase from an array of gaming, music and video content, but you can also store the points and put them towards a future Xbox LIVE subscription.

If you play Halo 4 online for over 35 hours, you’ll be treated to 100 Microsoft Points, but when you double the time played to 70 hours, the number of Microsoft points attainable then trebles to 300. If you have the time and dedication to reach 140 hours, you could have yourself 600 Microsoft points, which is quite a good deal considering 1600 points cost around $25.

As well as rewarding power Halo 4 gamers, Microsoft will also throw in an extra 100 points if you do grab 1500 points or more, and 200 bonus points if you grab 3000 points or more. So, in addition to the 600 points you get from playing online, you can score up to 800 points, which is a pretty sweet deal!


It all ends on November 30th, so if you want to accumulate a few free points, you had better find a comfortable spot on the sofa.

All I have to add is this: if you’ve got 140 hours between now and the end of the month to play Halo 4 online, you have far too much free time!

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