Get The Most Out Of iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S Battery Life With The Help Of This iOS App

Battery retention is an essential consideration to make when deciding which smartphone to buy. While juice-o-meter gradually loses strength over a period of time, we tend, also, to lose our patience, and there is perhaps nothing more irritating than realizing you’re out of battery, when you thought you had at least ten percent! Still, such is the culture of this digital age, there’s an app for that, and while there are perhaps more battery utilities out there than device units sold, it’s a field that just continues to grow. Battery by Iurie Iurceac wades into the densely-populated field with a very interesting entry, and as well as swamping you in a frenzy of statistical data, also helps you learn how best to take care of your battery.

The interface of the app, is beautiful, and although it’s not as minimalistic as we’d perhaps have liked (lots of shiny), it does certainly look the part. It’s bright, vibrant, and presents the information in a clean, easy to digest manner. Plus, if you don’t particularly like the aesthetics, you can customize the app to the nth degree, and with over 180 themes available in total, there’s bound to be something in there you’ll like.

battery for iPhone (1)

The first screen estimates just how long you have left of any given activity before the battery will expire. Whether you’re planning on leaving your device on standby, watching video, listening to your favorite audio, talking over 2G or on 3G, Battery app will make a conservative supposition regarding how much of each you’ll be able to yield.

battery for iPhone (2)

As well as its slick looks and useful estimates of your battery’s decline, the app also offers a bunch of useful tips for retaining as many droplets of battery as feasibly possible. Whether it’s turning off Wi-Fi when not in use, or ensuring brightness is kept down to a minimum, this app will help you get the most out of a battery which will inevitably decline in performance as time goes on.

(Source Battery for iPhone on App Store)

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