Get Black AirPods Pro-Like Wireless Earphones That Apple Won’t Make For Less Than $90

When it comes to wireless earphones, Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro are arguably the gold standard for accessibility, ease-of-use, and downright cool factor, but they’re definitely a little on the costly side.

At $249 for Pro model and $199 for regular ones with wireless charging case, not everyone can or wants to pay for Apple’s own wireless earphones, but what if you could get yours for less than $90? While we can’t get you a pair of Apple AirPods as such, we can at least get you something similar and these are even better in one particular way – they’re black in color!

We’d love it if Apple made a black version of its AirPods but alas, that hasn’t happened yet, not even with latest AirPods Pro model. Instead, you can pick up these black AirPods and AirPods Pro-like earphones for less than $89 and $52 respectively. They include support for features like H1/W1-style pop-up pairing, Bluetooth 5.0, battery level in official Battery widget in iOS, and even have their own wireless charging case, just like the real ones.

The earphones themselves also have an in-built microphone for making and receiving calls or talking to Siri/Google Assistant.

AirPods Pro-like earphones in Black

  • Superb sound quality with rich bass.
  • Qi wireless charging case.
  • Up to 4 hours of listening on a single charge per earbud.
  • 1:1 fit and finish.
  • Pop-up-style pairing with iPhone and iPad.
  • Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC). No Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) or Transparency mode like on originals. PNC cannot be activated in iOS like ANC, it’s by design.
  • Support for Battery widget on iOS.
  • HD microphone for crystal clear phone calls.
  • Auto power on / off.
  • Controls for next / previous song and Siri.
  • Available in White and Matte Black colors.

AirPods 2-like earphones in Black

  • Seamless W1 chip pairing like AirPods.
  • Qi wireless charging case.
  • Extremely comfortable fit and finish.
  • Supports tap to call Siri, play or pause.
  • Big 350mAh battery for days worth of listening.
  • Rich sound experience with deep bass.
  • Auto-pairing whenever you take the earphones out of the case.
  • Auto power off when not in use for a long time.
  • Supports wired charging using micro USB.
  • Available in White, Glossy Black, Matte Black color options.

The charging case should see you listening to music all day long, and the earphones themselves are good for 3 to 4-hours of listening before they need some extra juice. That’s all pretty standard, but the biggest draw here really is that black finish that Apple has yet to match.

If you do decide to pick yourself up these AirPods Pro-like earphones, be sure to use the special discount by using code BLKA2PRO25 at checkout here to bring the price down to just $89.95. If you decide to get the regular AirPods 2-like model in black, make sure you use code BLKA2PRO25 at check out here to get it for just $52.

These things are cheap to start out, but everyone always loves saving money!

Buy: Black AirPods Pro-Style Bluetooth Earphones In Black: $89 with code BLKA2PRO25 at check out | Original price $120 | Apple’s price: $249

Buy: Black AirPods 2-Style Bluetooth Earphones In Black: $52.95 with discount code BLKA2PRO25 at check out | Original price: $89.95 | Official price: $199

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