Galaxy S6 Vs iPhone 6 Plus: Camera Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is due for launch this April, but the device’s capability, especially in the photography department, has already got the blogosphere and interested consumers buzzing with praise. Head over the jump to catch up on some photos taken with the Galaxy S6 with 16MP + OIS compared to the iPhone 6 Plus with 8MP + OIS to get an insight how the two devices perform in day-to-day usage.

While the iPhone 6 Plus remains the reigning smartphone photography champion, we saw Samsung making huge strides with the likes of the Note 4 which takes surprisingly sharp and detailed photos. However low-light photography was not really comparable to the iPhone 6 Plus. That said, the Galaxy S6, with its 16MP rear-facing camera, seems to have taken past lessons in mind and has improved itself in the low-light scenario, and builds on top of every smartphone Samsung has ever released.

Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 back main

You can see the results for yourself, courtesy of The Verge, and you will notice how sharp and detailed the photos from the Galaxy S6 are, and are very comparable to shots taken using the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of overall quality. All photos in the test were taken using the stock Camera app set to auto HDR. However, the S6 adds a bit of warmth to the color tone in the photos you see, but it’s not something that should concern interested users, but is in fact more of a personal preference case. The low light photos are an interesting take on the Galaxy S6; the shots are clear and there’s only as much noise as an iPhone 6 Plus would produce in similar lighting conditions, though we still see Samsung go with a slightly warmer white balance here as well.

Check out the photos taken using the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 below, and see for yourself who they both fare in outdoor, indoor and low light conditions:


Galaxy S6 outdoor

Galaxy S6

iPhone 6 outdoor

iPhone 6 Plus


Galaxy S6 indoor

Galaxy S6

iPhone 6 Plus indoor

iPhone 6 Plus

Low light

Galaxy S6 low light

Galaxy S6

iPhone 6 low light

iPhone 6 Plus

Galaxy S6 low light 2

Galaxy S6

iPhone 6 Plus low light 2

iPhone 6 Plus

The Korean giant has been well known for vivid color reproduction in photos taken using the built-in camera module; at times overly saturated for some users’ tastes, and where the Note 4 continued with that, we see how the S6 churns out colors that are much closer to those seen from the iPhone 6 Plus.

For anyone looking at purchasing a new smartphone with an emphasis on the camera, you couldn’t go wrong with either of the two, and where the iPhone 6 Plus has a fast, more color accurate – and probably better – balanced camera in terms of usability, the S6’s camera is bound to be loaded with features.

(Source: TheVerge)

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