Galaxy S4 Will Reportedly Feature An “Unbreakable” Screen, Still On Track For Launch In April

It may not have happened to you personally, but everybody has seen the what happens when a mobile device meets gravity. Such is the toughness of displays today, that many survive an accidental drop without so much as a crack, but when they do succumb and shatter, they become a hazard unto their owner, with shards and slivers aplenty. Recognizing this, rumor has it that Samsung is planning to release an "unbreakable" screen with the upcoming Galaxy S III smartphone.

The hype machine has been spinning rapidly for the next in the iconic Samsung Galaxy line, and as well as talk of a 1080p display set to blow most others out of the water for pixel density, Reuters has cautiously reported on the prospect of an unbreakable screen.

In the lead-up to any new device, there are two types of rumor; the spec bumps and new hardware that may or may not feature, and the talk of the vendor bringing something new to the table. Of course, these claims – along with those of times past regarding waterproof film, liquid metal casing and such – have seemed more of a pipe-dream on behalf of consumers than ever likely to materialize in the real world.

Reuters cites a report by UBS analyst Nicolas Gaudois, in which he toys with the idea of the Korean company preparing for "volume manufacturing of unbreakable plastic substrate displays.” Gaudois reckons the purported displays could be ready in time for the Galaxy S IV’s launch – said to be April – and if we take all of the other rumored features on board, the fourth in the Galaxy S series could  really be something else.


That’s why it’s important to remember that, at this stage at least, we’re dealing with rumors, and nothing more. Samsung has naturally declined to comment on the speculation, but with the company’s activity in this field well-documented recently, nothing can be ruled out at this stage.

As smartphones have evolved, so has their ability to withstand the elements, and if Samsung were to introduce an unbreakable display, it could be a big selling-point to those looking to avoid the inconvenience of a potential insurance claim.

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