Galaxy S4 Proves To Be Rough And Tough In Variety Of Stress Tests [Official Video]

When looking into purchasing a new smartphone, consumers look at a wide range of variables before making a final decision. This can vary from person to person, with some looking for a great camera and high quality display, while others are more focused on longevity, with removable batteries and microSD expansion. Whatever your personal points of consideration may be, most of us can unite on the fact that we want our devices to be able to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear it will inevitably go through. If you are considering a purchase of the hottest property in the mobile industry right now, the Samsung Galaxy S4, will surely want to know whether it can hold its own in the big bad world, and the video stress test below gives a general idea of how rugged the current darling of the Android space is when faced with various situations.

Of course, the best course of action anybody can take upon the purchase of a new smartphone is to pay out for a decent, reputable and protective case. But even then, it’s a last line of defense rather than a failsafe, and as such, it’s nice to have a general idea in advance of how tough your beastly new smartphone will be when you take it into the wild.

Samsung GS4 stress test shoe 1

The stress tests are provided officially by Samsung, so by default, cannot be classed as strictly objective. However, it doesn’t look like the testing techniques have been rigged to flatter the company’s flagship handset, so the fact that it performed rather well after being dropped, smashed, submerged in water, and placed in other situations that would send a chill down our spines as owners, is neither here nor there.

If you’re looking for a Galaxy S4 that can really hold its own, you may want to consider the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which is both waterproof and dust-proof.

GS4 stress test 1

Check out the full video clip of the Galaxy S4 being put through its paces below. The video is in Korean, so you mightn’t understand what is being said, but a scene of a smartphone being placed into a walnut cracker really doesn’t require much by way of commentary.

Noticed how the phone was running stock Android in some places?

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